Objective: To complete the attempts in shorter time span.


  1. The puzzle activity is time sensitive. Allow yourself three attempts to complete it.
  2. Each attempt, note your time in your memory or on a sheet of paper.
  3. Analyze the times of your first, second, and third attempt.

Question: Did you complete your third attempt in a shorter time span than the first and second?

Reasoning: The reason for this is not that you were quicker in doing it. The brain was now familiar with the task, and therefore it provided the memories faster than the first attempt, when no memory was present.
Discovery: Anything you attempt to do at first may be longer and more difficult to do. The more attempts you conclude is the easier it will become, as the brain has developed the memories of what you are attempting to do. Train your brain to gather the memories of any difficult task and soon it will deliver the memory faster. This way you will master what you are practicing…
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