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Quotes by Author:

Low and High doesn’t operate on the same levels. One causes your ship to sink while the other floats your Ship….” The EduCer

“If you mine your mind, then eventually you will discover your golden spoon opportunity…” The EduCer 

Aviate is like a gate opened in high places Your limited possibility gets terminated….” The EduCer 

“Floods don’t happen on high mountain tops, just on low flat lands… Go High….The EduCer 

“We can’t operate new technology with old mentality… user error becomes predictable…” The EduCer 

“Safety is like crazy glue… when there is no glue, then you are bound to act crazy…” The EduCer 

You don’t change your life… You adjust your steps accordingly in your thoughts, which is based on feeding your senses that of which you desire for your life to BE…” The EduCer 


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