The Airport Adventure (Ebook)



In clear, concise, and FUN language, Young covers safety tips, safety warnings, when to report unusual circumstances, and why it is a good idea to brush up on communication skills whenever families have the opportunity. You and your children will learn:

  • How to assess safety risks by scanning the environment.
  • When something odd should be reported to an adult or worker.
  • Why you should follow procedures and directions.
  • Why it is important to communicate (talking, listening).
  • How to handle unexpected occurrences or scenarios.
  • Airport terminologies, definitions, and translations.
  • Upgrade: COVID-19 Pandemic Safety Precaution Tips.
  • Much, much more!

This book is perfect for families and institutions of learning (school systems) alike. It helps to improve social interaction skills and creates quality relationships among peers via the “BE A KITE” mantra. Also, the “How to Use Guide” helps your child grasp concepts quicker and easier.

Read aloud in classrooms, use it as an independent reading supplement, or access its script-format features and act it out in a school play!