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Are you from one of these environments such as a home, school, library, NGO, restaurant, travel agency, airport, airline, religious institution, retail chain, business place, organization, or bank? You must understand that you are a direct or indirect connection to the overall growth, development, and maturity of our children. It is imperative that our children understand the importance of acquiring the knowledge how to Travel Safely, Live Safely with each other and Create the life of their dreams, which is the new TLC (Travel-Live-Create).

“Mental health problems are characterized by the absence of a positive emotion, low mood, and a range of associated cognitive, physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms.” According to the Allied Market Research online statistics, the global mental health market was valued at $383.31 billion in 2020, and is estimated to reach $537.97 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 3.5% from 2021 to 2023. This is looking at the direct impact of our children, which are the future generations (2030). Therefore, The Airport Adventure is providing social service speaking sessions that galvanizes and promote children to become paradigm Shifters. Our children and future are at stake, and we must do our part into shaping the well-being and value of our future.

Topics include:

*** All Topics are new insights and data made available through study, research, insights, revelations, or divine wisdom. Therefore, please DO NOT expect the same old ways of doing things or the interpretation of old information within any of the following speaking session. We pride ourselves in developing and creating new possibilities, which calls for new breakthroughs and understandings. Each speaking session is estimated between 45-60 minutes. Please inquire for more details on pricing, which are based on audience size, length of session, location, transportation, accommodation, etc.

  • The Power of Balance – This session is designed to unload the generational mucus (build-up) that has been overshadowing our growth and development, which makes it difficult for us to mentally mature. By providing our signature seven steps weight and balance approach, our audience will make it to the runway and begin their journey of taking off to their desired destination.
  • Aviate Your Mind– This session is designed to garner the interest of seeing life and the world from a better angle. By Shifting one’s perspective to an Aviated view, the audience members walk through the airport process and arrive at a new location of prespecifying their life.
  • The Esteemed Level– Often misconstrued or misunderstood, this session focus on our signature seven hierarchy steps approach of bringing out the latest information about Self-Esteem. This is designed to get our audience to a higher level in their daily operation and functionality. There is no better way to advance in one’s life than to go HIGHER (Cloud 9) aka Self-Esteem.
  • The Black Box Effect– This session is geared around the natural therapeutic approach that any can implement to assist in the transition from the causes of living your worst life to over time the effects of living your best life. This is our core signature testimonial that one can transition from your worst to your best!
  • Dreiam Building- Unlike the regular dream building approaches, this session uniquely breaks down the intricate components that help to build the pinnacle of one’s dream or vision. The core of this approach is to satisfy one’s reason for existing in life by connecting the pivotal dots.

*** All our social speaking sessions come extra with the HOPEN-UP Formula approach.