Master Classes
Master Classes

Like the Aviated Speaking Engagement topics, our presentations offer the same topics but in a 90–120-minute interactive PowerPoint session, which includes a question, answer and discussion segment. While we offer a zoom session, our prime delivery comes in person. However, we understand the climate of the pandemic, and the safety of our friends, family, clients, and neighbors. Feel free to book the most convenient way for you…


  • The Power of Balance – This session is designed to unload the generational mucus (build-up) that has been overshadowing our growth and development, which makes it difficult for us to mentally mature.
  • Aviate Your Mind– This session is designed to garner the interest of seeing life and the world from a better angle.
  • The Esteemed Level– Often misconstrued or misunderstood, this session focus on our signature seven hierarchy steps approach of bringing out the latest information about Self-Esteem.
  • The Black Box Effect– This session is geared around the natural therapeutic approach that any can implement to assist in the transition from the causes of living your worst life to over time the effects of living your best life.
  • Dreiam Building– Unlike the regular dream building approaches, this session uniquely breaks down the intricate components that help to build the pinnacle of one’s dream or vision.