Young's Jenerations
Created September 21st 2020: Our Vision to collaborate together...

The Young’s Jenerations is a mission that impacts and influences the trajectory of those who are blighted by low insights and outcomes, which results in abuse, crime, or violence against themselves or others. On January 13th, 2021, Micheal Young was murdered outside of the environment of his restaurant business establishment. As an older brother, it is my sibling’s right to uphold his good values that he used to help others Feel Well, Eat Well, and Do Well within their own life. This is from the discovery that his name, Micheal, is uniquely spelled with the word ‘Heal’ inside of it, rather than the normal way of spelling Michael with ‘Hael.’ As a big brother, I often emphasized this significance to him, and I also often emphasized it in things I graphically designed for him or his business venture. But above that, this one particular emphasis that I shared with him was to “Cook the food not just to feed the people, but to heal the people…” This was the significance that would bring our talents and resources together, which started with the establishment of Young’s International and Local Seafood Restaurant…  A vision to start locally in Jamaica, but expand on the international market, just as any other restaurant franchise had done. 

Both of us had in-depth conversations around combining our resources and individual talents to serve the greater good of the Jamaican community. Unfortunately, his life was taken before we were able to materialize these conversations, as we were waiting for the publication of The Airport Adventure Book-A-Zine. Therefore, Young’s Jenerations is a continued conversation into reality, in which we are now looking at the future Generations in Jamaica and dub it as Jenerations. It is an effort to make sure that they feel well, eat well and do well among each other. The Initiative is nicknamed FED, which is the acronym for Feel, Eat, Do. When people feel better, they are more likely to contribute to others rather than take away from each other. When people eat better, both physically and spiritually, their well-being are more mature with the right functionalities. When people do well with each other them everyone thrive together.

This is a mission to make sure that future Jenerations are FED. If you would like to donate or contribute your resources or talents to this mission, please feel free to reach other to us… 

To Micheal Young: May your life be healed in a Higher Destination. 

Feel Well + Eat Well + Do Well = FED

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